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100% quality control
It doesn't matter whether you order one or twenty scissor lift tables. Every single one is subjected to a rigorous test.

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Every enquiry is checked and processed by an experienced employee so that you get the ideal scissor lift table that meets your needs.

Reliability guaranteed
We also give traders a two-year guarantee. Even five years when you sign a maintenance contract.

the most common variants ...

Get a free offer for your scissor lift table in two steps. You are welcome to note any adjustments (e.g. a different payload or different dimensions) in the 'Change requests' field.

Payload: 3.000 kg
Width: 1.000 mm
Length: 2.000 mm
Effective Stroke: 900 mm

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Payload: 8.000 kg
Width: 2.500 mm
Length: 3.700 mm
Effective Stroke: 1.100 mm

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Payload: 2.500 kg
Width: 2.500 mm
Length: 3.000 mm
Effective Stroke: 1.400 mm

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Payload: by request
Width: by request
Length: by request
Effective Stroke: by request

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Who is Janzen Lifttechnik GmbH?

We are a lift table manufacturer, which actually produces all our lift tables in Germany. Our company headquarters are located in the tranquil Emsland region of Germany, about 15 kilometres from the Dutch border in Lower Saxony.
The actual designs are created here at the company headquarters, as well as the structural steel engineering and later also the control engineering and final assembly. This high vertical range of manufacture allows us to respond to individual customer requests and supply the exactly fitting scissor lift or goods lift .


High flexibility at low costs

As a manufacturing company, we face the following challenge in today's market: the demand for individualised products is growing, while cost pressure is increasing. To manage this challenging reality, great importance was attached to easy adaptability to the most diverse requirements in the development of the series.
The use of as many standardised individual components as possible and the similar structure of the series contributes to a reduction in costs while at the same time improving quality:

  1. Higher quantities
    The use of fewer different individual parts automatically leads to an increase in quantities. This enables us to manufacture the individual components more efficiently, as time-consuming set-up work, etc. can be saved on.
  2. Practice makes perfect
    The basic structure of every scissor lift table and every column lift is the same. This also means that operational steps are repeated in the production process.
    This allows us to continuously optimise operations, so that we can reduce both the error rate and the turnaround times.

Our objective as a lift table manufacturer is to deliver premium-quality products at a competitive price.


What types of lift tables do we produce?

All our products are based on electrohydraulic drives, so if you are looking for a belt or spindle lift table, we unfortunately have to disappoint you. We are convinced of the advantages of hydraulic drives and have therefore concentrated our efforts on this drive concept (if you would like to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the various lift table drives, I recommend the following series of articles: Lift table types and their advantages and disadvantages).

We produce a wide range of lift table types based on hydraulic scissor lift tables or hydraulic column lifts. So, apart from the single scissor lift tables , we can also supply you with loading lift tables, lifting work tables, goods lifts or even underground lifts . Click on the link to this page for an overview of our product range. As you can see on our reference project page , we can customise every product type. This means that you can provide us with your customised configurations for a hydraulic lift table or a hydraulic lift and so determine the optimum platform dimensions, working load limits (WLL) and equipment features. We will be happy to advise you here so that you will not only receive a product that meets your needs but also one that is safe to operate.


When should you buy directly from the lift table manufacturer?

Even we as a lift table manufacturer know that buying from the retail trade can also make sense. For example, we do not keep stock of finished scissor lifts, so that a retailer may be able to respond faster to your enquiry.
However, if you need a scissor lift table that is adapted to exactly meet the requirements of your production or the existing installation conditions, you are best served with direct contact to the lift table manufacturer. After all, you don't want to play the “telephone game".


Special functions through standard modules

As you have already noticed, we place a high premium on individual adaptability. And of course we want to achieve a good price-performance ratio at the same time. For this reason, we use a wide range of basic modules for most individual adaptations.
This makes it easy to equip our scissor lifts with railings, roller conveyors, undercarriages, rotating platforms, forklift pockets and much more. The page on lift table accessories provides a good overview of popular additional equipment and features.
Besides the additions shown there, individual adaptations are also possible. This ranges from special platform geometries to individual additions to the control unit. Our in-house mechanical and electrical design capability makes it possible.


An extract from our reference projects

We prefer to let our products speak for us, so below you will find a few projects which have been successfully implemented in cooperation with our customers.
Please use these examples as inspiration for your own lifting device. We would be happy to provide you with detailed advice on the most useful equipment features for your needs and how you can get the most out of your lift table.


Our most solid lifting work table

This lifting work table demonstrates its sturdiness especially in real-life situations. While most scissor lift tables are designed for a payload of about 2,000 kg, our customer decided on a payload of 9,000 kg, or 5,000 kg for off-centre loads.
In addition to this solid design, the lift table also impresses with its clever and practical extras. There is a 230V socket and a compressed air connection in every corner. So, no need for the worker to waste time on looking for a suitable connection when there is one right there under the flap in every corner. You can find more details about this lifting work table in the article: “Lifting work table: solid & practical".


So, you want it longer ...

We often advise our customers to use single single scissors. If the overall height is not decisive, this has the advantage that a flow divider does not need to be provided to synchronise the scissors.
From a certain ratio of platform length to effective stroke, however, the use of single scissors is no longer worthwhile. The single scissors would have to be so massive that the use of a static volume divider is much cheaper. A quick look at our reference projects shows that we not only manufacture single scissor lift tables, but also double-scissor lift tables or, as here, tandem lift tandem lift tables . Follow this link to the reference projects. Do not worry about making the right choice of lifting unit, we will be happy to do this for you.
If you would like to know more about this tandem lift table, please visit the page on the "Tandem lift table for sawing".


When even a tandem lift table is no longer sufficient ...

Granted, a very rare problem. But what do you do if the maximum width of the platform is limited, but the load capacity should be relatively high.
One of our customers also had this problem. A wider platform would disrupt the work flow, necessitating the narrowest possible design. At the same time, however, the combination of two lifting tables should be able to move a payload of 12,000 kg.
To satisfy both wishes, we opted for three horizontally arranged scissors respectively, together with a clever system to provide the synchronisation. The optimum solution for our customer. For more details, see the article on “Triple lift table – all good things come in threes".


A scissor lift is not always the right solution ...

Even though we like to manufacture scissor lifts, we have to admit that they are not the most ideal solution for every application. Especially when no pit or only a very shallow pit can be constructed, they often reach their limits.

So for these cases, we have developed the hydraulic column lift. The lifting and guide mechanism of the column lift is located to the left and right of the actual lifting platform. This allows the use of extremely shallow pits with a depth of 100-180 mm.
The adjacent photo shows a common application for our column lifts in use as a simplified goods lift. This goods lift is used, for example, to store segments of stage sets on a second level. For more information about this lift, please refer to the page on “Column lift with great talent".


We do not only lift loads

The last platform we would like to introduce is an aerial work platform. This means that, for a change, loads are not transported over different levels, but this enables your employees to reach a new heights.
It goes without saying that with these scissor lifts , we pay particular attention to a high level of safety. Electric shut-off valves and railings are standard features in this product class. Above a certain effective stroke, you always have a UPS on board, making lowering possible in the event of a power failure. If you would like to learn more about aerial work platforms in general, you will find the information here . For more information about this aerial work platform, simply visit the article on "Stationary aerial work platform for installation work in industrial halls“.


Frequently asked questions & our answers ...

Where is the headquarters of Janzen Lifttechnik GmbH?

We are at home in the rural Emsland, more precisely in Niederlangen a part of the Lathen municipality directly on the A31 motorway. This means that we are roughly halfway between North Rhine-Westphalia and the North Sea, right on the Dutch border.

Our region is known, among other things, for the various nature reserves, the well-developed cycle paths, the manufacture of cruise ships, as well as the headquarters of various distilleries.
Should you ever come to our region, we look forward to a visit in our Plant.

Where are the lifting tables and elevators produced?

With us, not only does the final assembly take place in Germany, but we also cover the entire production chain from construction through steel construction to final assembly in our plant in Niederlangen. With us you get a real 'Made in Germany'.

Is the offer aimed only at traders or also at private individuals?

Even if our products are mainly used in an industrial environment, we naturally also offer them to private individuals.
Just give us a call or send us an inquiry and we will be happy to contact you.

Will I receive a drawing before production starts?

In any case. To ensure that you get the product that you really want, we provide you with an approval drawing before production begins. In addition to the actual product, this also includes the installation situation. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Can I get a CAD model?

You can receive a (greatly) simplified CAD model of our standard products before ordering. After the order and the construction phase, we can also provide you with CAD models of the individual special lifting tables. A data exchange is possible in all common formats (.stp, .dxf, .dwg etc.).

Where can you deliver to?

We produce our lifting tables and column jacks in accordance with European standards and guidelines. Accordingly, our sales area is limited to all countries that recognize these standards and guidelines (e.g. the members of the European Union, Switzerland and Australia).

Is it possible to assemble in the same area?

On request, we assemble our systems throughout Germany, as well as in the neighboring countries of Germany.

Do you need an advice?

The possible uses of scissor lift tables are just as diverse as their equipment variants. On the one hand, this variety of variants is nice, on the other hand, it naturally makes it difficult to correctly select the right lifting table. To make this process easier, you can simply leave us your telephone number here and we will call you back ...