Lift table with automatic roll-stop

Make sure that rolling loads cannot accidentally fall off the lift table platform when they are being transported. Here we will show you a possible way to stop them ...

Safety and ergonomics

This lift table is used in a logistics centre to create a more ergonomic work environment for the employees. In this as well as in many other logistics centres, parcels are packed on trolleys to make it easier to ship them.

With our scissor lift table, the trolley can be raised to a comfortable work height, thus enabling employees to work without straining their backs. However, to prevent the trolley from falling off the lift table platform, it is necessary to fix it in place.

Indentations instead of automatic roll-stop

In a previous project we provided the platform with recesses. The trolleys were parked in these recesses preventing them from rolling away.

However, that solution has two disadvantages.

  1. Only trolleys of a certain size can be lifted.
  2. The trolley also need to be positioned precisely, even in hectic working conditions.

Advantages of the automatic roll-stop

A scissor lift table with automatic roll-stop does not have these disadvantages. The trolley can simply be pushed onto the table surface when it is in the bottom position. Before the lift table platform is raised, the edge of the platform is first raised to prevent the trolleys from accidentally rolling off the scissor lift.

Purely mechanical solution

Even though it may sound surprising at first, no additional hydraulic or electric system is needed for the automatic edge. This solution is based exclusively on pure mechanics that enables the long-lasting, low-maintenance operation of the roll-stop.

Just as robust as the roll-stop ...

... is the structural design of the scissor lift table. The lift platform is used in the logistics centre in 3-shift operation and must therefore perform a corresponding number of stroke cycles per day. To ensure that the lift table will continue to perform its service successfully for years to come, it has been designed to be very robust. In addition, all bearing points can be lubricated so that the bearings also have a long service life.

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