Making light work of lifting heavy stuff!

If you want to move heavy loads, you have come to the right place. On almost 1,500 m² production area we produce lift tables, column lifts, goods lifts as well as underground lifts so that you can lift, turn, tilt and/or move your load without much effort.

Permanent quality assurance

To vouch for the quality of our products, we have integrated all the important manufacturing steps in our production. The complete control over the design and steel construction up to the final assembly allows simple and thorough quality control at any time. In addition, all our products are subjected to an intensive final test before delivery to rule out unwanted surprises at the installation site.

Special equipment as standard

Our objective as a lift table manufacturer is to deliver premium-quality products at a competitive price. That is why you will not find ‘trimmed down' scissor lifts and column lifts in our range of products, but robust industrial lift tables that will continue to perform reliably for years to come.

Our basic version includes what is still optional in many others. Our standard lift table, for example, already contains many high-quality components that ensure a more pleasant workflow and low-wear operation.

More than lifting

Simply lifting and lowering loads is not always enough. For example, wire mesh boxes should often be tilted to make it easier to remove the goods. Or the production process requires a mobile lift table or a rotating movement of the platform.
Fortunately we supply modules for turning, tilting and moving, which easily extend the functionality of the lift table.

Come and visit us!

Paper is patient and no judgement can be trusted better than your own. Therefore, we would be delighted to welcome you for a visit so that we can share our enthusiasm about our products and our company with you.