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The lift table – unimagined variety of options

The development also doesn't stop when it comes to lift tables. The different requirements that our lifting technology has to meet always give rise to new products. To keep this page as manageable as possible, not all the standard lift tables and special designs that our company has delivered to date are displayed. We would like to concentrate on the most important areas of application so that you can quickly and easily find out which lift table meets your needs the best. For example, you will find mainly single scissor lift tables in this overview, although of course we also supply double-scissor lift tables, tandem lift tables or lift platforms with triple scissors.
If you would like to take a closer look at our product range, we can recommend our reference projects. We will show you at regular intervals what variety of scissor lift tables and goods lifts are used.

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Making personal contact with us is even easier. We look forward to your email, phone call or personal visit and would be happy to provide you with all the information you need. As we provide tailor-made solutions in such a variety of applications, it is not possible to publish generally applicable prices and delivery times. However, a short phone call is often enough to get the price and delivery date for lift tables with slight modifications. Even when it concerns a special lift table or column lift, we aim to process your enquiry as quickly as possible and to advise you on feasibility, safety and maintenance. As a manufacturer in the field of lifting technology, high-quality lift tables and column lifts are our passion.