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Welcome to Janzen Lifttechnik GmbH! Here, you will find the right lift table or goods lift for your specific needs. We offer you a comprehensive service, from professional consultation and custom construction to precise manufacturing and expert installation. Please select the category below that best fits your needs:

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The development does not stand still, especially when it comes to lift tables. Due to the varying requirements for our lifting technology, new products are constantly being created. To make your search easier, we do not present all the custom designs our company has delivered to date on this page, but instead focus on the most common application areas

In addition to the proven single scissor lift tables, we also offer double scissor lift tables, tandem lift tables, and special lifting platforms with triple scissors, to name just a few variations.
For a deeper insight into our diverse product range, we invite you to explore our references. There, we regularly present successfully implemented solutions that involved various types of scissor lift tables and goods lifts. Let yourself be inspired by our projects and find the perfect lift table for your specific requirements.

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Direct contact is often the most effective way to answer your questions. We look forward to your e-mail, your call, or a personal visit to provide you with the information you need.

As we specialize in customized solutions, prices and delivery times vary depending on specific customer requirements. However, for standard lift tables with minor modifications, a short phone call is often sufficient to clarify prices and delivery times. We also strive to process enquiries about more specialized lift tables or column lifts as quickly as possible and to provide comprehensive advice on issues such as feasibility, safety, and maintenance.

As a lift table manufacturer, high-quality lift tables and goods lifts are our passion. Let's find the best solution for your needs together.

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