Lift table with rotating platform – ergonomic lifting and rotating

Would you like to handle heavy loads quickly and conveniently without much effort? Then our lift table with rotating platform is just the right solution for you. The lift table can be adjusted to the respective desired work height and, at the same time, the workpiece can be rotated. This is a real relief, especially when work has to be done at different places on the workpiece.

Possible designs

This lift table is equipped with a manually rotating platform. The rotating platform is mounted on a ball-bearing turntable, so that goods can be turned endlessly. Regardless whether it is 90 °, 360 ° or 720 °, the platform can be turned indefinitely. To avoid crushing, lowering is only possible when the rotary platform is congruent with the lift table platform. That is why the platform also snaps into place at 180 °. Of course we can also supply a round version of the rotary platform. The advantage is that the platform takes up considerably less space diagonally than the rectangular version and is therefore used especially in confined spaces.

Please click on the video below to get an impression of the manually rotating platform.

It is advisable to equip the rotating platform with its own drive when particularly heavy loads are handled. This allows the workpiece to be turned to the desired position at the push of a button. The drive can be electric or hydraulic and the platform can rotate to the left or right. By default, the rotating platform stops every 90 °. However, any other position can also be approached on request. Just talk to us, it’s as easy as that. We’ll gladly provide you with the necessary advice.

Special features

The specified maximum load always applies to a load placed in the centre of the platform. When the load is off-centre, the load capacity is reduced. Depending on the position of the rotating platform, our scissor lift tables with rectangular rotating platform are often subjected to eccentric loads. That is why our lift tables are designed in such a way that they can handle such types of loads.

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