CAD model of a scissor lift table

One question we get asked a lot in sales is: Can you send me a CAD model of the lift table? Of course this is not a problem for us as a lift table manufacturer and we can provide you with the desired models for your planning. Until now, however, you had to place an order for this, but now we are taking a different route ...

Models of customised scissor lifts

In the case of individually manufactured scissor lift tables with special dimensions or special equipment, we will have to keep you in suspense until the drawing for approval is available. As the lift table is designed just for you, the expense to create a model for every variant would simply be too great.

However, we can also provide you with a detailed model with all equipment features and interfaces when the drawing for approval is sent. We are also flexible with regard to the desired file format. For example, we support the standardised .stp format as well as the .dxf or .dwg format. Just let us know which format you prefer.

3D data of standard lift tables

What we are introducing is the general provision of CAD models for our standard lift tables. In the future, you will find the new link "CAD model" in our series products. The link will be in the last column. Clicking on this link will give you access to three files:

  1. Hubtisch-ausgefahren.stp (lift table extended)
  2. Hubtisch-eingefahren.stp (lift table retracted)
  3. Maßzeichnung.pdf (dimension drawing)

The file names already indicate what the drawings contain and probably need no further explanation. The CAD data is delivered in a compressed folder. This means that you will need a program to extract this folder (e.g. 7-ZIP). Because of the many different versions we have in our standard range, we have decided on the most frequently used CAD format .

Isn't the competition copying now?!

Of course, we take a certain risk by uploading these 3D data. But don’t worry, we haven’t completely lost it. For this reason, the .stp files only contain the key data of interest to the normal customer, so that you can see the outer geometry of the lift table in the model.

However, the file does not include any information about the cylinders, the scissor bearings, the hydraulic system or the correct material thickness. All this information is not necessary for dimensioning your own plant and has therefore been omitted or falsified.

If you are a DIY handyman, please do not use the CAD file as your own template. The scissor lift with these dimensions will not withstand the load , let alone function.

But I need a detailed model!

As described above, we must protect ourselves and therefore do not publish design and construction details on generally accessible sites. Once you have ordered the lift table from us, we will of course be happy to provide you with the more detailed model. Just as we have always done.

I can't find the link!

We are now slowly starting to publish the CAD data. This will take a while, as it has to be done in addition to our normal day-to-day business. If you still can't find the link next to the scissor lift you are looking for, just send us an email to Please state the type designation of the lift table and we will provide you with the desired model as soon as possible.

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