Your hydraulic goods lift

... for the efficient transportation of goods

The flexible one
Whether freestanding or in a shaft, on a parapet or with an opening in the floor, with a door or as a front-and-rear-opening lift: Our goods lift matches the application

Reliability guaranteed
We also give traders a two-year guarantee. Even five years when you sign a maintenance contract.

Perfectly matching
Every enquiry is checked and processed by an experienced employee so that you get the ideal goods lift for your needs.

the most common variants...

Payload: 1.000 kg
Width: 1.500 mm
Length: 2.000 mm
Effective Stroke: 3.000 mm
Payload: 1.000 kg
Width: 1.000 mm
Length: 1.500 mm
Effective Stroke: 4.300 mm
Payload: 1.000 kg
Width: 1.480 mm
Length: 2.520 mm
Effective Stroke: 3.360 mm
Payload: by request
Width: by request
Length: by request
Effective Stroke: by request

Does one of the variants shown fit?

Then get a free offer for your goods elevator in two steps. You are welcome to note any adjustments (e.g. a different payload or different dimensions) in the 'Change requests' field.

Installation situation
Change requests?

Areas of application for simplified goods lifts

Simplified goods lifts are designed to only transport goods between several levels. They are a cost-effective and technically simple alternative to lifts with attendants. The platform may only be entered for loading and unloading purposes. This is the reason why the control panel is not inside the goods lift, but outside at every landing.
Our goods lifts are used in a wide variety of areas. These include industrial warehouses and production halls, hotels, laundries, the catering trade and theatres. The focus is always on facilitating the transportation of bulky and/or heavy loads such as pallet goods, linen or props.
A special application is its use as an underground lift. It is often used to transport garbage cans and bicycles to the basement.


The basis: Scissor lift table or column lift

We use two basic types of hydraulic lifts to transport your goods: our scissor lift table and our column lift. The advantage of a column lift is that the lifting mechanism is placed next to the platform so that you do not need a pit or only a shallow one. The advantage of a lift table is that they do not have a crossing.
A common feature of both types is that the drive is provided by an under-oil unit. Because a separate machine room is not required in many cases, the unit is not only space-saving, it can also be positioned relatively flexibly.
Regardless of which of the two basic types is used as the basis, the technology used naturally meets the requirements of the Machinery Directive. This means safety is not compromised and depending on the installation situation, we can respond and decide which design will the most cost-effective for you.


Your tailor-made goods lift

There are various diverse design options for a goods lift. For example, it makes a significant difference whether the goods lift needs to be a front-and-rear-opening lift or whether it will be loaded diagonally across or on the same side. Your goods lift will be planned and built by us according to the requirements and structural conditions. This means that the platform size, load-bearing capacity and lifting height can be selected as required – as far as technically feasible.
We also supply a wide range of extras for our goods lifts. For example, if you do not want to construct a pit. Then our ramp will provide you with the ideal loading solution. Or should a shaft for the lift not be built with bricks, because the goods lift is installed in front of a mezzanine floor? Then a shaft made of galvanised sheet steel, sandwich panels or a suitable landing enclosure is the right choice.
As a lift table manufacturer, we are very flexible in customising the design and equipment of your simplified goods lift. Just talk to us about your installation situation and we will find a suitable solution. Regardless of whether the lift cage should be fitted with transparent doors to increase safety or whether the planned machine room is located further away. Have a look at our reference projects for some inspiration for your lift.


We supply goods lifts for indoor and outdoor use

There is not always enough space inside a building for a new lift. For this reason, we also offer goods lifts for outdoor use – whether out in the open or in one of our shafts with thermal insulation. Our goods lifts can easily be placed against the wall of a building, enabling efficient transport of goods between different floors.


Deciding on your goods lift

The following questions may arise when considering an offer. Is that the goods lift that I actually need? Are the access points in the right place?
We believe in the well-known saying to make sure that it does: A picture is worth a thousand words. After placing the order, you will receive a drawing for approval from us with all the key points of your order: from the actual goods lift to the installation situation.


Is TÜV approval necessary?

As simplified goods lifts are not intended for the transport of people, they do not require supervision. This means that a simplified goods lift does not have to be approved by an external technical expert before it is put into service for the first time. However, simplified goods lifts are subject to inspection. This means that regular inspections and tests must be carried out by a qualified specialist. If you do not have a qualified specialist that you can call on, we can of course carry out the prescribed inspection for you and combine it with maintenance, for example.


Our service

As a manufacturer, we take care of all phases of your project for you: from the first consultation through the planning and design, structural steel engineering to the installation of the goods lifts at your site. Of course, we not only install our goods lifts, but on request we also take care of the annual maintenance. The advantage for you: You have a point of contact with the necessary expertise for all your questions about goods lifts.


Frequently asked questions & our answers ...

Where is the headquarters of Janzen Lifttechnik GmbH?

We are at home in the rural Emsland, more precisely in Niederlangen a part of the Lathen municipality directly on the A31 motorway. This means that we are roughly halfway between North Rhine-Westphalia and the North Sea, right on the Dutch border.

Our region is known, among other things, for the various nature reserves, the well-developed cycle paths, the manufacture of cruise ships, as well as the headquarters of various distilleries.
Should you ever come to our region, we look forward to a visit in our Plant.

Where are the lifting tables and elevators produced?

With us, not only does the final assembly take place in Germany, but we also cover the entire production chain from construction through steel construction to final assembly in our plant in Niederlangen. With us you get a real 'Made in Germany'.

Is the offer aimed only at traders or also at private individuals?

Even if our products are mainly used in an industrial environment, we naturally also offer them to private individuals.
Just give us a call or send us an inquiry and we will be happy to contact you.

Will I receive a drawing before production starts?

In any case. To ensure that you get the product that you really want, we provide you with an approval drawing before production begins. In addition to the actual product, this also includes the installation situation. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Can I get a CAD model?

You can receive a (greatly) simplified CAD model of our standard products before ordering. After the order and the construction phase, we can also provide you with CAD models of the individual special lifting tables. A data exchange is possible in all common formats (.stp, .dxf, .dwg etc.).

Where can you deliver to?

In principle, we deliver everywhere. Our products can be found not only in large parts of Europe, but also in Asia and South America. However, the focus of our activity is Germany and our neighboring countries.

Is it possible to assemble in the same area?

On request, we can assemble our systems throughout Germany and our neighboring countries.
Unfortunately, the only exception is Switzerland. Due to some changes in the law within Switzerland, installation is no longer economical, so you have to switch to local companies. Of course, we are happy to assist you with the installation with our specialist knowledge.

Do you need an advice?

The possible uses of goods lifts are just as diverse as their equipment variants. On the one hand, this variety of variants is nice, on the other hand, it naturally makes it difficult to correctly select the right lifting table. To make this process easier, you can simply leave us your telephone number here and we will call you back ...