Job opportunities

Would you like to work for our company? If so, you will find a list of current vacancies here. Of course, we are always just as pleased to receive unsolicited applications from motivated and qualified job seekers.

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Tel.: 05939/967 96 90
Whatsapp: 01579/235 52 60

Send your application to:
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 3
D-49779 Niederlangen, Germany

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What you can expect

Family-friendly working hours

Our factory does not operate on a multi-shift system and we only work the day shift.
After all, you want to have time for your hobbies, friends and family in the evening and on weekends.

Additional and fringe benefits

Additional and fringe benefits are not neglected either, from the company pension scheme, capital-forming benefits and free coffee to e-bike or bicycle leasing.

Modern workplaces

We use the latest technology to create a better workplace. For example, every workstation is equipped with a computer that provides access to a knowledge database, an internal chat program and the drawing data, among other things.

Flat hierarchies and direct participation

If you love working in a corporate group with its various departments and decision-making levels, we are not the company for you.
We encourage and maintain direct contact with each other, not only when we have suggestions for improvement.

Long-term planning

As a family business, we do not chase after short-term profits, but always have the long-term goal in mind. Creating a healthy company where you can enjoy working and be proud of your work.

Job descriptions

Would you like to know how we work? And how the individual position fits into the company? Then we recommend the following article: “How a scissor lift is made ..."

Your profile

We do not want to repeat the obvious requirements that can be found in almost every job description at this point. Nevertheless, there are requirements that every one of our employees must meet.

Friendly demeanour

We expect our employees to be friendly and polite. 
This not only applies to customers, but also to employees, suppliers and other persons within and outside our working environment.

Customer-oriented approach

It goes without saying that we expect you to focus on the needs of the customer. We can only generate profits (and so also your wages) through satisfied customers.

Quality awareness

Companies who want to survive in today's market, must either offer high-quality products or cheap junk. 
We want to be proud of our products, so compromising on quality is out of the question. However, we can only achieve satisfactory quality if you as our employee work conscientiously.

Independent working

We are a small team who want to achieve a lot. For this reason, we look for motivated employees who also think outside the box. 
We are open to suggestions for improvement and hope that every employee would like to contribute his or her own ideas and concepts to the company.