Goods lift as helper in a laundry

By quietly and effortlessly transporting laundry between the ground floor and the first floor this goods lift doubles the production area. One of our column lifts was used as the basis for this project.

Safety is the key!

To us, safety is paramount, which is why our goods lifts have a number of features that enable their smooth and safe operation.


For example, the entire stroke length is secured by an enclosure. To prevent uncontrolled access to the hazard area, the access doors are also electromechanically secured and connected to the lift control system. This means that access is only possible when the platform is in the respective lifting position.


Should there be a small leak in the hydraulic circuit, the electrically unlockable valves hold the platform in a safe position. Even if the shut-off valves are defective and the hose is completely torn off, the platform will not suddenly crash down. The built-in lowering valves in the cylinder ensure a defined lowering speed at normal speed.

Careful, slippery!

Slippery surfaces can quickly develop, especially in a laundry environment or in outdoor use. For this reason we use non-slip materials for our platform surfaces. In this lift, for example, we use chequer plate of anti-slip category R11.

Know your limits

A pressure switch in the hydraulic circuit protects the lift against overloading. Just before the lift starts to move, the current pressure value is recorded and compared with the maximum value. If the lift is overloaded, the user is informed so that the weight can be reduced.

Shock loads

To protect the load the best way possible, the simplified goods lift has a soft start and a soft stop. The end positions and intermediate stops of the lift are approached at reduced speed to prevent jerky stops and starts..

Your partner

If you are also facing a challenge to safely and cost-efficiently transport goods, we could be the right partner for you. We are at your disposal for a free consultation. Simply talk to us, it’s as easy as that.

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