Lift table combination for pre-picking

For a smooth workflow in assembly line production, it is crucial that consumables are available at workstations according to the sequence of processes. The combination of three scissor lift tables shown here plays an important role in the assembly of wiring harnesses in an automotive plant.

Optimizing assembly line production with the lift table combination

To ensure that the necessary wiring harnesses for assembly line production are readily available, our client's materials are pre-sorted using large compartment boxes. These boxes have multiple levels, requiring workers to often kneel, squat, or work above shoulder level. Consequently, a solution was sought to enable work at more ergonomically favorable heights: our lift table combination.

The lift tables allow the compartment boxes to be accessed at four different heights, significantly easing the pre-sorting of wiring harnesses. Materials are loaded onto the lift tables using forklifts, with angle frames on all platforms facilitating precise positioning.

To maximize the efficiency of work processes, our lift table combination is equipped with automatic control. This eliminates the need for workers to continuously hold the control button to reach the desired lift height. This freedom allows workers to attend to other tasks while the lift table adjusts its position independently.

To give you an insight into how the lift table combination works, we invite you to watch the following video:

Comprehensive safety equipment of our lift table combination

Our scissor lift tables are equipped with a range of safety features to ensure maximum safety during operation.

A crucial component is the light curtain, which automatically stops the lifting motion if a person or object interrupts the beam. A yellow warning light is prominently displayed in such cases. Operations can only resume once the person or object has exited the protected area and a worker has pressed the reset button.

Additionally, all emergency stop switches on our system are interconnected. No matter which switch is activated, the movement of all scissor lift platforms stops to ensure a rapid shutdown in emergency situations.

Furthermore, PVC roll-up curtains on one longitudinal side of the platforms protect against accidental entry into the shear area. Should a foot inadvertently enter the shear area, the protective guard bar under the platforms safeguards feet from being crushed. The outer metal frame walls prevent lateral entry into the hazardous area.

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