Lift table for automated conveyor system

Fully automated conveyor systems are often indispensable for efficient in-house material flow. So also in this case. Our customer has decided on a chain conveyor to efficiently store bulk materials on pallets. As transportation takes place over several levels, our lift table is used to compensate for the height ...

Lift table with chain conveyor

A powered chain conveyor is installed on the lift table platform by means of the bolt-on plates on the sides. The dead weight of the chain conveyor is approximately 400 kg. In total, the scissor lift table can lift 1,600 kg, so that bulk materials up to 1,200 kg can be easily transported.

Special electrotechnical features

As the lift table is part of a fully automatic conveyor system and is situated in a protected area, the safety edge for protection against foot crushing is not required. This naturally has a positive effect on the price.
Potential-free contacts were provided for easy integration into the customer's PLC. This way, the lift table can be integrated into the customer's control system. The lift table can stop at a total of three levels. As the bottom stroke position is mechanically limited by mounting bolts and the lift table is moved fully against pressure in the topmost stroke position, the trick is to hold the intermediate position. For this reason, a catch-up control system was planned. Two initiators switch against the scissors. If the lift table should ever sink due to the compression of the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic unit pumps immediately pumps again so that the intermediate position is immediately reached again. A bypass valve helps to position the lift table precisely by moving it at creep speed.

40 double strokes per hour

Because the conveyor system ensures a continuous flow of material and goods, the cycle rate is also correspondingly high. The scissor bearings  can be relubricated so that the lift table can withstand the heavy loads. Regular greasing of the bearings increases the service life of the lift table considerably.

Installation and maintenance

Our customers do not always want to take care of the on-site installation of the lift table themselves. We have offer trained installation team who will take care of the installation and commissioning on request. The installation is carried out professionally and quickly so that you can immediately enjoy your new investment. Maintenance is offered as an additional service. Like all work equipment, our lift tables also need to be regularly repaired. The maintenance must be carried out by trained and qualified persons. This means that you can carry out the maintenance yourself if you have the appropriately qualified technicians. If you do not prefer to do this, we can of course take care of the maintenance.

Wide variety of options

Lift tables are not only used in the warehouse. They are also frequently used in transport and packaging lines, because the flexibility of lift tables allow them to be adapted to the transport task at hand. Tailored to your special transport goods, the following factors can vary, for example:

  • Platform size
  • Lifting heights
  • Platform structures (chain conveyor, roller conveyor, etc.)
  • Lifting speeds 

We will design a customised conveying solution for you so that everything works together. We’ll gladly provide you with the necessary advice.

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