Loading lift table in the delivery area

The availability of goods plays an important role for supermarket customers. It is one of the greatest challenges facing the retail trade and requires smooth logistics. Our loading lift table can provide a good service here ...

Description of application

The loading lift table is used in a large grocery store during the delivery of goods. To quickly unload the arriving trucks, the lift table has a large platform. This way several trolleys can be transported to the warehouse at the same time. The fact that a person can ride along on the loading lift table also helps to speed up the unloading process. This allows the employees to push the goods directly from the platform to the storage area and does not waste valuable time by operating it from outside, as the control unit is located right there on the platform. Furthermore, the loading flaps on the long sides ensure a gap-free transition between the truck loading platform and the lift table platform, so that the trolleys can be pushed from the truck without additional effort.
As the lift table is located outdoors, both the platform and the base frame are hot-dip galvanised. This hot-dip galvanised surface treatment not only protects it against the weather and guarantees a long service life, but it is also more robust in terms of mechanical abrasion in view of the high level of utilisation. A painted surface would show signs of wear much faster.

Flexible design

As you may have noticed already, the CAD image shows a gantry on the long side. However, there is no gantry in the photos. The reason for this is that the customer has retrofitted a roller door on the gantry side, which has been integrated into the lift table control. Because there is no longer any danger of falling on this side, the gantry could be omitted. However, as people can still fall off on both narrow sides, the platform railings must remain. Perhaps you are now wondering whether the side with the loading flaps should not also have a railing. Yes, they should have if the fall height were greater than 1.60 metres. But as it is only 1.20 metres and there are loading flaps, a railing can be omitted in this area. 

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