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The most commonly used models...

Get a free offer for your loading lift table in two steps. You are welcome to note any adjustments (e.g. a different payload or different dimensions) in the 'Change requests' field.

Payload: 2.500 kg
Width: 2.500 mm
Length: 3.000 mm
Effective Stroke: 1.400 mm

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Payload: 2.000 kg
Width: 2.700 mm
Length: 1.600 mm
Effective Stroke: 1.200 mm

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Payload: 5.000 kg
Width: 2.500 mm
Length: 5.500 mm
Effective Stroke: 1.100 mm

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Payload: by request
Width: by request
Length: by request
Effective Stroke: by request

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What is a loading lift table?

Loading lift tables are lift platforms that are specially equipped for use in logistics applications. They are usually used to load or unload vehicles or to bridge the height difference between a fixed loading dock and the street level.
Of course, if the appropriate accessories are selected, the loading lift table is also suitable for both applications. The video below shows an example of a loading lift table in use.


The alternative to a ramp

Everyone knows the situation. A heavily loaded pallet truck or a heavily loaded trolley must be pushed up a small ramp. There are two scenarios. The ramp is very long making it nice and flat or the ramp is short and very steep. If the ramp is too long, you lose momentum at some point and the remaining stretch becomes torture. If the ramp is too short, you often have to give up right at the beginning.
But “don’t sweat it”, our loading lift tables provide an ergonomic and convenient alternative to these ramps. If you don’t want a ramp that takes up space but instead have a goods transport solution without slopes, we will be happy to assist you.


The classic loading lift table

The photo on the left shows a typical loading lift table. Its 2,500 mm long platform has a working load limit (WLL) of 2,000 kg. The platform can perform an effective stroke of 1,200 mm in a time of approximately 30 seconds. The segmented loading flaps increase the flexibility of the scissor lift. They can easily be adjusted to accommodate different vehicle widths. This makes loading and unloading a panel van is just as possible as loading a truck. As the height without railing is 310 mm, the lift table was placed in a pit. This allows transport operations at ground level. 

The loading lift table is equipped with a number of safety features to guarantee the safety of the operating personnel and bystanders. Examples include the side railings on the platform, the acoustic signal during the lifting and lowering movement, and the corrugated wire-mesh screen. To ensure that no one is exposed to a risk of falling from the top landing, the lift table also has a gantry on one of the narrow sides of the platform.

The hot-dip galvanised finish of the platform and the base frame is a clear indication that the lift table was designed for outdoor use. In addition to the special surface treatment, the loading lift also has the higher protection class IP65.


The basic features of our loading lift tables

Even the simplest version of our hydraulic loading lift tables have several distinguishing features. Examples include line rupture safety valves, crane eyelets or also the maintenance support struts that you are already familiar with in our standard lift tables. The same applies to the levelling feet on the base frame, which allow easy adjustment on uneven ground. The expansion or chemical anchor bolts included as standard ensure secure fastening after adjustment.

Our integrated hollow sections are less conspicuous. These are located in the inner scissors of our lift tables and provide excellent rigidity to the entire lift mechanism. Torsional stiffness is particularly advantageous when the load on a loading lift table is asymmetrical; a situation that cannot be avoided during loading and unloading.



The loading lift table should be an exact match to its application. For this reason, our product range is rounded off by a wide range of accessories. This allows the modular extension of your lift platform, which offers enough room for an individual design and can be combined with your loading lift table depending on the requirements of the application.

In addition to platform railings, doors and gantries, the segmented loading flaps that bridge the gap to the vehicle are typical features of a loading lift table. Depending on the customer's specifications, we can supply the loading flaps with or without drive. The advantage of powered loading flaps is that they can also be used as roll-off protection, which additionally protects a rolling load from falling.

To prevent people from entering the hazard area under the lift table, our products naturally are also fitted with the appropriate barriers for this purpose. Whether corrugated wire-mesh screen, PVC roller shutter or bellows: we’ll gladly provide you with the necessary advice.

If the scissor lift table is used outdoors, the base frame, the platform and of course the superstructures will be hot-dip galvanised. This and the high electrical protection class guarantee long-term use even in rain and snow conditions.

We supply a reinforced platform if a truck should also be able to drive over the lowered loading lift table. Additional mounting bolts are added to ensure optimum force transmission into the pit if the wheel or axle loads are very high. This allows our loading lift tables to withstand the high loads of being driven over by trucks.


Are we the right partner for you?

When it comes to loading procedures, smooth processes are essential. As a manufacturer of lifting technology, we have already met a wide range of customer requirements. Please refer to our reference projects to get a first impression. Please contact us if you have any special requests or questions about topics such as our service or maintenance. We are here for you.


Frequently asked questions & our answers ...

Where is the headquarters of Janzen Lifttechnik GmbH?

We are at home in the rural Emsland, more precisely in Niederlangen a part of the Lathen municipality directly on the A31 motorway. This means that we are roughly halfway between North Rhine-Westphalia and the North Sea, right on the Dutch border.

Our region is known, among other things, for the various nature reserves, the well-developed cycle paths, the manufacture of cruise ships, as well as the headquarters of various distilleries.
Should you ever come to our region, we look forward to a visit in our Plant.

Where are the lifting tables and elevators produced?

With us, not only does the final assembly take place in Germany, but we also cover the entire production chain from construction through steel construction to final assembly in our plant in Niederlangen. With us you get a real 'Made in Germany'.

Is the offer aimed only at traders or also at private individuals?

Even if our products are mainly used in an industrial environment, we naturally also offer them to private individuals.
Just give us a call or send us an inquiry and we will be happy to contact you.

Will I receive a drawing before production starts?

In any case. To ensure that you get the product that you really want, we provide you with an approval drawing before production begins. In addition to the actual product, this also includes the installation situation. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Can I get a CAD model?

You can receive a (greatly) simplified CAD model of our standard products before ordering. After the order and the construction phase, we can also provide you with CAD models of the individual special lifting tables. A data exchange is possible in all common formats (.stp, .dxf, .dwg etc.).

Where can you deliver to?

We produce our lifting tables and column jacks in accordance with European standards and guidelines. Accordingly, our sales area is limited to all countries that recognize these standards and guidelines (e.g. the members of the European Union, Switzerland and Australia).

Is it possible to assemble in the same area?

On request, we assemble our systems throughout Germany, as well as in the neighboring countries of Germany.

Do you need an advice?

The possible uses of scissor lift tables are just as diverse as their equipment variants. On the one hand, this variety of variants is nice, on the other hand, it naturally makes it difficult to correctly select the right lifting table. To make this process easier, you can simply leave us your telephone number here and we will call you back ...