Compact loading lift table

Loading lift tables do not always need to have a large platform and be designed for a high load capacity. Depending on the goods to be transported, the loading lift table can also be smaller. In this case the compact design is just right ...

Description of application

This loading lift table was installed to do just that, to raise goods from yard level to ramp level. The scissor lift table shown provides corner-loading access: The goods are loaded on the narrow side and unloaded from the long side at the top landing. To prevent someone from falling off the platform when the lift table is at the top, the railing gate is electromechanically secured. It can only be opened in the bottom lift position. The gantry, on the other hand, acts as a safety barrier against falling from the loading ramp. To prevent the goods from getting between the railing posts and protruding over the platform, the open sections between the railing framework are covered. Please take a look at the video below to get an impression of the loading platform.

Outdoor use

Both the base frame and the platform are hot-dip galvanised in order to be well protected against the weather. The scissors are painted, as they do not come into permanent contact with moisture. As the loading lift table is in a pit, it has an inspection opening in the platform. If the table cannot be raised, the drive unit can be reached through the inspection opening.


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