Small & impressive: A different kind of working table

We are no different than most. Size impresses. Building a particularly large scissor lift table always catches the eye in the production hall. But a lift table does not always have to be large to attract attention, because the small ones can often be a big challenge. It was no different in this case ...

This lift table is used as a lifting work table, in other words, it provides our customer's employees a more ergonomic working conditions by raising the workpiece to the individually suitable lifting height.
In this particular case, the lifting work table is used by a well-known manufacturer of heating systems to raise stainless steel components to the correct work height.

The size

Let's start with the most distinctive feature, the size. As the relatively low payload of 300 kg already suggests, the workpieces to be lifted are not among the largest and heaviest of components.
In this case, the platform width was more important than the actual lifting force. The workpiece must be easily accessible from both long sides during production. It would be pointless if the workpiece was at the ergonomically correct height, but you had to climb onto the table to work on it. For this reason, the scissor lift table only has a platform width of 400mm.

The hydraulic power unit

Normally we place the hydraulic unit of our scissor lift tables between the scissor trolleys. However, with a platform width of 400mm, we were not left with much more than 100 mm between the inside scissors. Another solution had to be found. In this case, a tray was designed and incorporated underneath the actual base frame , leaving enough space for the proper installation of the hydraulic lines.

The control unit

Noticeable is that the control unit was placed next to the base frame and not at the same level as the under-oil unit. This is also easy to explain. The narrow sides of the workpiece do not need to be machined, so a longer platform would in principle be feasible and not a hindrance. However, a too long wheelbase should be avoided to facilitate the handling of the lift table. For this reason, our design department, in cooperation with our customer, decided to place the control unit on the front end of the base frame. Another positive side-effect. The control unit is also easily accessible in the lowered position.

Easy to clean!

This was another important criterion for our customer. The lift table itself, as well as the respective workplace, had to be easy to clean. For this reason, the platform and the base frame are made of stainless steel , while the scissors are treated with durable hot-dip galvanising.

The undercarriage with fixed and swivelling castors is primarily intended to keep things clean. A moveable version was decided on to make it easier for the employees to clean the workstation. After all, you don't want the dirt to collect under the lift table.

Is there nothing more to the lift table?

We would not like to neglect mentioning two other special features on this lifting work table. The power supply to the unit and the design of the pendant control panels.

The scissor lift table is powered by a 230V power unit. This means that the power unit, as well as the entire control system of the lift table, can be supplied by a normal shockproof plug. This guarantees the flexible use of the scissor lift table in the entire production area, as there is no need to install CEE sockets.

The lift table is also not operated with a portable pendant control as usual, but in this case by foot control. This is a great advantage for the employee. He has his hands free for his actual task and can easily adjust the work height using his feet.

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