Stationary aerial work platform for installation work in industrial halls

Aerial work platforms are scissor lift tables that enable people to work at heights. The advantage over conventional scaffolding is the elimination of set-up time and the increase in productivity, as there is no need to climb ladders and the work equipment can be placed directly at the workplace and within easy reach. 

With our working platform you are on the safe side

It is especially important that special safety requirements are met when people are travelling on the platform. Below is a description of the most important safety devices.

Surrounding handrail

To prevent people from falling from the working platform during the lifting or lowering process, both the removable railings on the long sides of the platform and the railing gate are electrically queried. This ensures that the lifting device can only be moved when the railings are inserted in the sleeves provided and the door is closed. In addition, the control system has been equipped with a key switch, so that the platform is safeguarded against unauthorised access.
To give you a brief impression of our working platform, we recommend the following video:

Electrical shut-off valves and a UPS

We usually use pipe rupture safety valves if goods are being transported and the lifting height is not too high. These react to a pressure difference and close the outlet opening of the cylinder when the hose ruptures. This prevents the lift table platform from dropping.
However, pipe rupture safety valves have a disadvantage. They do not react to small leaks and it is possible that the platform may lower slowly and unintentionally.

For this reason, we use electric pilot-operated valves on lift tables used for transporting people. They are directly attached to the cylinder and must be actively released. Without this active activation, the hydraulic valves close the line to the cylinder. This prevents the lowering movement even in case of a small leak.

The disadvantage of electrical shut-off valves, however, is that an electrical voltage is required to activate them. For this reason, we equip lifting platforms with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) from an effective stroke of 1.6 metres. The UPS is able to supply the electrical shut-off valves with power even in the event of a power failure and guarantees that employees can safely move the work platform to the bottom position even in the event of a power failure.

If you want to know more about pipe rupture safety valves, electric and hydraulic shut-off valves, we can recommend the following article: Safety through hydraulic valves.

Load monitoring

A pressure switch was provided as protection against excessive mechanical stress. The switch is triggered as soon as the working load limit (WLL) of 300 kg is exceeded. A signal lamp on the platform immediately warms the employee of a possible overload.

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