Ergonomic workstation of a different kind

It is not uncommon for a lift table to be used to enhance ergonomics. Pallets or workpieces to be machined are usually loaded onto a lifting work table and raised to a comfortable work position. The requirements in this case were somewhat different ...

Down instead of up

Most lift tables are used to raise loads or to transport them to a higher level. With this scissor lift table , the situation is reversed. The machine on which the assembly work has to be carried out is placed on the lift table and then lowered to the desired work height. This allows the operator to easily reach the higher parts of the machine without having to strain himself unnecessarily.

Why then is an aerial work platform not used?

It is rather unusual for a machine to be lowered instead of the employees being lifted to a higher position, as this poses a number of challenges. If the lift table is in the lowest position, the pit, for example, poses a risk of falling. In addition, the pit must first be constructed. 
On the other hand, the different approach also have significant advantages.

  • There is no need to use an elaborate aerial work platform.
    Compared to an aerial work platform, the design of this lift table is very simple. When people are lifted, other protective measures and equipment are required (e.g. moving stairs, electric shut-off valves, emergency lowering valve, ...).
  • The material and tools can be handled at ground level.
    Because the employee can work at floor level, the necessary material and tools can be brought to the workplace with ordinary pallet trucks and electric pallet movers. No need to transfer these to the scissor lift

Prevent risk of falling

An employee can fall into the open shaft when the unloaded scissor lift is in the lowest lifting position. This necessitates the installation of an enclosure. This enclosure has an electromechanically secured door on one side, which can only be opened when the lift table is in the raised position.

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