Retractable assembly lift table

The wheel certainly does not have to be reinvented for every job. It is often enough to use a simple standard lift table. In this case, the simplest possible solution to redesign an assembly workstation was sought.

Advantages of using an assembly lift table

In redesigning the workstations, two points should be paramount:

  1. Gain in efficiency by eliminating unnecessary processes.
  2. Ergonomic design of the workstation with regard to an ageing workforce.

Before the workstations were modernised, employees often had to lift heavy components from a pallet truck onto their work table. This was neither efficient nor back-friendly. Using our lift tables addressed both these issues. 
The pit installation makes it possible to drive onto the platform at ground level. This means that the pallet with the workpieces using a pallet truck and raised to the desired work height by operating the scissor lift table. This eliminates having to lift the heavy components.

The advantages for both the employer and the employee are obvious. While the employer can reduce his costs by reducing sick days and eliminating an unnecessary work step, the employee no longer strains his back by lifting the heavy components.

Standard equipment and slight modifications

As already indicated, our 2,000 kg standard lift table served as the basis for this project. The lift table has all the extras that are included in our standard delivery. The levelling feet and the rubberised placement bolts are particularly worth mentioning, as not every lift table manufacturer includes these two features in the basic version.

In some points, however, the lifting work table does differ from our basic type. For example, the power unit was not placed inside but outside the lift table on an external oil drip tray. The reason for this is the pit installation. In the case of an internal unit, any faults must be eliminated through an inspection opening, whereas access to the control unit is more convenient with an external power unit. The platform dimensions have also been slightly modified. The platform is narrower and longer than the platform of our standard lift tables.

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