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What is a tandem lift table?

The basic structure of a tandem lift table is similar to that of a simple scissor lift table. It consists, in the simplest case, of:

  • The platform for load pick up.
  • The scissors for the lifting and lowering movement.
  • The subframe for a secure stand.

In contrast to the simple version, the tandem lift table has two horizontally arranged scissor sets. Especially with very long platforms and relatively low lifting heights, this design is more cost-effective than the version with just one large scissor.

Additionally, tandem lift tables have two separate subframes. The mechanical connection of the scissor sets is solely through the platform. This way, no constraining forces are exerted.

That our tandem lift tables are also suitable for off-center loads is demonstrated in the following video:

How is the synchronisation achieved?

Hydraulic oil can be considered convenient; it always seeks the path of least resistance. However, in the case of tandem lift tables, this can be problematic for the following reason:

As it's nearly impossible to load a lift table perfectly evenly, the two scissor sets of the tandem lift table are subjected to uneven stress. Due to the inclination of the hydraulic oil to take the easier path, the scissor set that is less loaded will always extend first. This can result in the platform not rising evenly and possibly being lifted slightly tilted.

To avoid this, there are two options:

  1. The scissor sets of the tandem lift table are mounted as close together as possible, or
  2. it must be ensured that each cylinder receives the same amount of oil.

Depending on the specific application, we choose either the first or the second solution. For example, if the dimensions of the tandem lift table guarantee that the scissor sets adequately support the platform, the first version is implemented. However, if the scissors are too far apart, we install a static flow divider. This ensures a completely even lifting movement without the need for complex and costly control systems or corresponding sensors.

What are tandem lift tables used for?

Tandem lift tables are particularly suitable for handling long and heavy goods. They are versatile and used in various applications, including:

  • Ergonomic workstations: Long materials such as pipes, bars, strips, or boards can be easily and comfortably lifted to a convenient working height.
  • Loading lift tables: Warehouses, distribution centers, and supermarkets use tandem lift tables to safely and efficiently transport heavy or bulky goods between different levels.
  • Assembly lift tables: Tandem lift tables facilitate the lifting and precise positioning of heavy assemblies or vehicles, for example, for installation or maintenance work.
  • Elevating work platforms: For assembly work on long components, individuals are raised to a comfortable working height. Thanks to work surfaces, carrying tools and materials is easily manageable.

In addition, there are also other use cases. An example is the integration into conveyor lines, similar to the tandem lift table in the following video:

How to choose the right lift table?

Thanks to the diverse customization and expansion possibilities, the scissor lift table proves to be a popular option for various applications. However, the wide range of uses also makes the selection of the right type of lift table with the appropriate features more complex.

To make the process of choosing your tandem lift table as straightforward as possible, we guide you step by step through the request for a scissor lift table. We explain the various options available. Of course, we can also provide advisory assistance over the phone at +49 5939 96796-90 and help you develop the optimal solution.

Every enquiry is reviewed by a competent staff member. Any conflicting information or uncertainties will be clarified quickly and easily, ensuring that you ultimately receive the appropriate scissor lift platform.

Frequently asked questions & our answers ...

Where is the headquarters of Janzen Lifttechnik GmbH?

We are at home in the beautiful Emsland, more precisely in Niederlangen a member community of the joint community Lathen directly on the A31 motorway. This means that we are roughly halfway between North Rhine-Westphalia and the North Sea, right on the Dutch border.

Our region is known, among other things, for the various nature reserves, the well-developed cycle paths, the manufacture of cruise ships, as well as the headquarters of various distilleries.
Should you ever come to our region, we look forward to a visit in our plant.

Where are the lift tables and lifts produced?

With us, not only does the final assembly take place in Germany, but we also cover the entire production chain from construction through steel construction to final assembly in our plant in Niederlangen. With us you get a real 'Made in Germany'.

Is the offer aimed only at traders or also at private individuals?

Even if our products are mainly used in an industrial environment, we naturally also offer them to private individuals.
Just give us a call or send us an enquiry and we will be happy to contact you.

Will I receive a drawing before production starts?

In any case. To ensure that you get the product that you really want, we provide you with an approval drawing before production begins. In addition to the actual product, this also includes the installation situation. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Can I get a CAD model?

After ordering and the design phase, we are pleased to provide you with CAD models. Data exchange is possible in all common formats, including .stp, .dxf, .dwg, etc.

Where can delivery of the products be made?

We produce our lift tables and column lifts in accordance with European standards and guidelines. Accordingly, our sales area is limited to all countries that recognize these standards and guidelines (e.g. the members of the European Union, Switzerland and Australia).

For which countries is the assembly service available?

On request, we assemble our systems throughout Germany, as well as in the neighboring countries of Germany.

Do you need an advice?

The possible uses of scissor lift tables are just as diverse as their equipment variants. On the one hand, this variety of variants is nice, on the other hand, it naturally makes it difficult to correctly select the right lifting table. To make this process easier, you can simply leave us your telephone number here and we will call you back ...