Noise emission

The meaning of the word noise emission is made up of the two individual words noise and emission. The word emission generally refers to the discharge of an element into the environment. So, it quickly becomes clear that noise emission deals with noise and the emission of noise into the immediate environment.

Noise emissions can quickly become an issue with an electrohydraulic lift table if space is limited and the hydraulic unit and the operator cannot be separated sufficiently. If a person is only exposed to the noise emission for a short time, it is not yet necessary to assume that there is an impairment. However, if the scissor lift table is used regularly and at shorter intervals, additional soundproofing of the drive unit may have to be considered.

Nominal pressure

The nominal pressure indicates the usual pressure level in normal operation.

In a scissor lift , the pressure level varies depending on the scissor position and the associated lever arm ratios. In a conventional design, the pressure is highest in the lowest lift table position and decreases slowly during the lifting process. The nominal pressure is therefore the highest pressure, i.e. the pressure when lifting from the lowest position.