Global sourcing

The keyword global sourcing encompasses the worldwide search for suppliers. Internationally operating groups in particular hope to achieve cost advantages through worldwide procurement and, in some cases, also a faster reaction time of the supplier due to the local proximity to the international locations.

Goods lift

This is a special type of lift which is only designed for the transport of goods. The lifting of people is not permitted with a goods lift (see freight lift).

Due to the relatively large effective stroke, column lifts are often used as the basis for goods lifts.
However, if it is an underground lift, lift tables form the basis. 

Guardscan safety edge

The Guardscan safety edge consists of three components: Two conductive tracks and a rubber profile that holds the two conductive tracks. If the rubber profile is pressed in, this causes the two conductive tracks to make contact. This contact can be detected by a control unit.
These contact safety edges are generally used to turn off a movement. Common application examples are their use as a foot protection safety edge on a flat lift table or as a contact strip on a platform extension.