Theatre lifting platforms

This category includes lift tables that are adapted to the special requirements of a theatre stage. One of the specific requirements is that the structure must be very rigid to prevent the occurrence of dangerous tripping hazards due to a slightly sagging platform.

Theatre lifting platforms do not fall within the scope of DIN EN 1570:2009-12.

Tilting device

A tilting device is not intended to lift loads, but to tilt them. This must be distinguished from tilting units. Tilting units are mounted on a lift table, so that in addition to the tilting process, the lifting process also plays a central role. Tilting units are often referred to as tilting platforms on a scissor lift table

However, the boundaries between the two terms are very vague. For example, there are also tilting devices which have an additional lifting device installed on the platform. 
Moreover, both terms are interpreted differently by many lift table manufacturers and dealers. For example, it is quite possible that different institutions refer to the same machines as tippers, tilting units or tilting devices.

Tilting unit

The tilting unit is an alternative designation for a tilting platform, i.e. a lift table structure that enables a load to be tilted.

Trigonometric functions

The trigonometric functions describe the mathematical relationship between the angles and the aspect ratios of right-angled triangles.
A distinction is made here between the sine, cosine and tangent functions as well as the inverse functions of these three angular functions.